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Take your art to the next level with an artist projector! These projectors for artists are great for tracing and projecting ultra-small images onto any surface, anywhere. 

Showcase your artwork to clients much easier, most portable projectors have a built in battery and are plug and play.

Contact us if you require any help choosing an artist projector, projector for tracing art or other.


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£259.00 inc vat
£215.83 ex vat
£215.83 ex tax

Lumens: 200 Ansi

Tiny, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Android & IOS

£187.00 inc vat
£155.83 ex vat
£155.83 ex tax

WVGA, 120 ANSI Lumens

JBL speakers

£318.00 inc vat
£265.00 ex vat
£265.00 ex tax

Lumens: 200 ansi (1200 marketing)

USB-C, HDMI to USB-C adapter charge mobile, play from USB flash drive