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We accept most forms of payment including:-

Credit cards: Visa, Maestro, AMEX, American Express, Solo, Mastercard including corporate cards.

Debit Cards: All (£1.50 discount per order)

We do not accept Pay Pal

Cheques: Please contact us before making payment by Cheque. Alternatively, payment can be made via Credit Card, Bank Transfer, BACS. PayPal is not accepted.

Bank Transfer (preferred method):

If you wish to pay by bank transfer select at the Payment Info page “Bank Transfer/Invoice” instead of “credit card”. We accept bank transfers from all countries however please ensure if you are paying overseas that you ensure all the bank payment charges are paid at your end as we cannot ship goods without the full payment. This is our preferred method of payment. Any customers using the Faster Payments system in the UK can transfer funds in less than 2 hours and most transactions will appear immediately in our account from major banks such as:-

  • - Bank of Scotland
  • - Barclays
  • - Santander
  • - Halifax
  • - Citibank
  • - Clydesdale (including Yorkshire Bank)
  • - Co-operative
  • - Danske (Northern Bank)
  • - HSBC
  • - Lloyds TSB
  • - Other

    As soon you submit your order we will email you further details on how to pay by bank transfer.

    We regret that we do not accept Money Orders from Western Union etc.

    PayPal is no longer accepted unless ordering via our eBay store.

    Next day delivery is normally guaranteed if the order is placed on our site before 4pm. Please also note that:

    - If paying by credit card you must use the 3D Secure authentication i.e. it will ask you to enter your pin number for added security.

    - If paying by Bank transfer – make sure it’s a Bill Payment (not a Bacs) to ensure it arrives within 2 hours to our account. Payment would need to be made by 12.30pm to guarantee next day delivery although often payments are instant on the Faster Payments transfer

    - During December (due to the Xmas period) couriers are unable to guarantee that timed deliveries will arrive within the allocated time period but will endeavour to do so as close to it as possible. I.e. if you require a next day delivery, pick next day pre-12 delivery, or if you want next day pre-12 delivery, pick next day pre-10.30.

    Orders for ViewSonic, Casio, Aiptek & Optoma can be place up until 3:30pm for possible next day delivery. It is still advisable to order before 2:30pm to guarantee next day delivery. If you wish to place an order after 2:30pm and want next day delivery, please phone Personal Projector to find out more information.

  • UK - We offer fast delivery worldwide including a range of timed delivery options in the UK including before 12pm and before 10.30am as well as Next Day (before 6pm). Orders placed before 4pm are normally guaranteed to be delivered within these delivery times (unless otherwise stated). If after 4pm please call us on 0845 121 8800 or email us as on some models its possible to still deliver even up to 5pm.

    International - All goods are shipped from the UK. Our warehouse is situated next to Birmingham airport to ensure the fastest delivery speeds possible.

    EU (including Channel Islands) - 2-5 working days

    USA/Canada - 3-5 working days

    Rest of the world - 3-7 working days.

    We can also offer quotes for faster international deliveries on request. Please use our contact form or call us on 0845 121 8800 for a bespoke quote.

    We accept payment by invoice for schools, local authorities etc. To process your order you will need to add your goods to the shopping cart and then choose Bank Transfer / Invoice option at the Payment Information Page. In this way you will not need to pay until you receive the goods. As soon as you receive the goods please pay by bank transfer as per the invoice. After placing the order online please email us (see contact menu above) or fax to 0871 218 5074 with your Purchase Order Number and details. Your goods will not be processed until we receive the order online and the appropriate purchase order.

    Where can I find the user manual for the Pico Genie Impact 2.0 / 3.0

    You can find the user manual by scanning the QR code on the side of the pacakging. Alternatively, you can contact us and we can send you a digital version.

    how do I connect my IOS device to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

    There are two ways of connecting to the Pico Genie Impact projectors, you can either:

    • Connect using a USB lightning charger cable (iPhone charger) OR
    • Connect Wirelessly using screen mirroring. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to do this, please refer to the projectors user manual on how to do this.
    • Please note, some newer IOS devices use USB-C and will require a USB-C to Mini HDMI adaptor for wired screen mirroring.

    how do I connect my Android device to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

    There are two ways of connecting to the Pico Genie Impact projectors via Android, you can either:

    • Connect using an (your phone port) to HDMI adaptor. Please note: this does not apply to the Impact 1.0 as it is wireless only. OR
    • Connect Wirelessly using screen mirroring. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to do this. Please refer to the projectors user manual on how to do this.

    how do I connect my laptop to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

    HP has done a detailed guide on screen mirroring devices to laptops here:

    how do I connect my MAC to any of the Pico Genie Impact projectors?

    Connect both devices to the same wi-fi network, then click the Airplay / screen mirroring icon on the mac and choose ID "PICO-XXXXXXX"

    See your user manual for more information.

    How do I connect the mouse on the Pico Genie Impact 1.0

    The mouse carries a USB dongle underneath it, this needs taking out of the mouse and inserting into the projector for it to work.

    What to do if the remote isn't working for the Pico Genie Impact 1.0?

    Ensure the batteries are working and placed into the remote correctly. Also ensure you are pointing the remote at the IR receiver, this is on the back of the unit.

    My projector is out of focus?

    Please use the focus wheel to put the projector into focus, this is usually found on the side of the projector.

    If your Pico Genie Impact Projector doesn't come with a paper user manual then you can find the user manual by scanning the QR code on the projectors packaging. This will open up a digital manual on your device.

    If your device is unable to scan QR codes, below are links to each projectors user manual. Click the hyperlink below to open it. 

    Pico Genie Impact 2.0 User Manual 


    Pico Genie Impact 3.0 User Manual


    Pico Genie Impact 4.0 User Manual


    • Go into your phones settings > Mobile data / hotspot
    • Turn on your mobile hotspot and give it a password
    • Ensure the mobile hotspot is made visible to other devices
    • On the projector, go to wi-fi, click your hotspot and connect using password you setup

    If you are having issues connecting to your mobile hotspot then please try the following:

    • Try changing the hotspot password, turning off hotspot and then turning it back on to try again
    • Try factory resetting the projector within the settings and trying again, this usually fixes most bugs on projectors
  • Try changing the batteries on the remote, see video on how to remove the remote back here
  • Turn the projector off and on and try to re-pair the remote.
  • If you cannot connect to the WiFi network

    If you are having any network issues please try connecting the projector to a mobile data hotspot rather than the router. This will determine if the issue is with the network (Wi-Fi) or the projector, if the network works fine on mobile data then the problem is with the router.

    If the problem is with the projector, please try the following:

  • Go to the wifi settings and choose “Forget Wi-Fi” on the projector and then try reconnecting
  • Move the projector closer to the router to improve the signal
  • Reboot the projector and try re-connecting
  • Factory reset the projector (usual under settings menu) and try connecting again
  • Check for any firmware updates on the projector

    If the problem is with the router, please try the following:

  • To improve the signal between the two, try moving the projector closer to the router
  • Try rebooting the router and forgetting the WiFi on the projector then reconnecting
  • Remove other devices from your Wi-Fi, this can improve Wi-Fi speed

    If Pico Genie Periscope / Polar / Panda will not screen mirror to mobile device / laptop

  • Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi and the signal is strong
  • Move the device you want to screen mirror closer to the projector and try again
  • Reboot the projector and try screen mirroring again
  • Factory reset the projector and try again
  • Try using alternative screen mirroring apps from the play store such as Air Pin, EZCast, HappyCast
  • Alternatively, hard wire the device for screen mirroring. You may need an HDMI adapter for your device. This will stop any streaming issues and connect instantly and is the most reliable if you are having wifi connection issues

    If Pico Genie Periscope / Polar / Panda will not recognise USB drive

  • Try rebooting the projector, removing the USB, then rebooting and then inserting it again once the projector has booted back up
  • Use an alternative file manager app from the google play store and check if the USB data appears on the new app
  • Try using an alternative USB or SD card
  • Check for copyright issues – movies or music may be restricted from playback if they have just been copied across without the correct licenses. Try testing on another device to see if it plays back. Or try to connect via HDMI or VGA cable and this often removes these types of issues

    If you can’t access apps such YouTube on Pico Genie Periscope / Polar / Panda

  • Try clearing the cache from the google play store settings and in the projector settings and try launching the app again
  • Try factory resetting the projector in the usual settings and then launch the app
  • With apps such as YouTube, there are alternative versions available on the play store, try downloading the alternative version and testing if it works
  • Alternatively, use an HDMI connection and project the app from a laptop or mobile device

    If you are unable to update your Pico Genie Polar / Panda

  • Please download the latest firmware here
  • Put onto a USB and plug into the projector then click the file to install.
  • If your Qumi Q38 projector will not turn you may need to press and hold the power button on the unit itself (not on the remote) for 10 seconds and release. Also if on battery power try connecting to the mains cable first and then switching it on using the power button on the device. You can also try to reset the project via the settings menu and this can resolve some issues but be aware this will erase wifi settings and any other settings you have entered including file history.

    If Netflix says its not compatible with your projector

    If you have a projector with an older operating system then recent versions of the Netflix app may not be compatible with your projector. In this event follow this link to download an older version of Netflix onto the projector

    The Pico Genie M550 Plus has the native aspect ratio of 16:10, if you would like to change this you will have to use the XB Player as the other players do not support it.

    This does not apply to the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0

    Currently, most of our portable projectors are exclusively available online. We do however attend numerous exhibitions throughout the year such as BETT Show and Gadget Show Live so keep your eyes peeled as we usually take stock to these events. If you require any further information about the product then let us know, our team are experts in portable projectors so should be able to guide you to the most suitable projector.
    The operating temperature is -10~45℃, and non-operating temperature is -25~70℃.

    This does not apply to the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0

    To wirelessly screen mirror your android device follow these steps:
      On the projector go to: Settings > Wi-Fi > Click the sub-menu (3 dots) in the top right > Select Wi-Fi Direct > This will show you the projectors name to screen mirror your device to.
        On your phone > Swipe down to see the drop down menu of settings > Swipe right on to the second page > Click Smart View (this may vary on other phones and may be called screen mirroring or cast screen ect.) > find the projectors name, click and connect to it.

    This does not apply to the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0

    Please use the following document to view trouble shooting issues on the Pico Genie M550 Plus. This includes How To Videos on connecting your Ipad, Iphone, Macbook, Laptop and using Happycast. It also contains Apps for Happy Cast, AirPin and TV File manager used to access USB and SD cards in the projector:

    This does not apply to the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0

    Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00

  • English (UK): 0333 0031993
  • Germany: 0231 7266 9190
  • France: 018 514 8582
  • International +31 (0) 20 721 9318

  • Please check Microsoft's official guide on this (click HERE). Generally, most projectors can be used with a Surface Pro however you will need to ensure you have the correct adapter for the MiniDisplay Port on your Surface Pro. Consult Microsoft's guide for more information.
    Throw ratio is 1.6 From 1m away you will get a 31" image
  • Install MirrorOp program on PC/Laptop/Mac from mini-disk supplied with Qumi WiFi dongle or download it from the Vivitek website
  • Insert Wi-Fi dongle in the USB port on the Vivitek Qumi Q7 projector.
  • On the Vivitek Qumi Q7, (use remote, it’s easier), using < > arrows, go to Main Qumi Menu (the Blue Menu Screen)
  • Select WiFi (press Enter key in middle of arrows)
  • You should now see Network Settings Screen
  • Device name/SSID should show Qumi7
  • WiFi should show Disabled
  • Key down to WiFi hotspot and press Enter
  • You should then see a screen with "Wifi hotspot" text and a series of internet settings (numbers) on
  • Enable should be highlighted in Orange,
  • Press Enter and the word Disable will be highlighted
  • Press Exit to return to the Network Settings Screen
  • Press Exit key again to return to Main Qumi Screen
  • Using < > arrows, Select WiFi Display Icon
  • Press Enter
  • You will then see a green screen showing that it is waiting for connection from PC client
  • Open MirrorOp on PC/Laptop/Mac, you should see a 'Quick Connect' screen showing the SSID, Remote Box IP and User Name
  • IP Address on Qumi Screen should match IP Address on MirrorOp
  • Press Connect, PC/Laptop/Mac should connect in 5-10 seconds.
  • If taken to a screen requesting Remote Box IP, type in IP address as seen on Qumi Green screen
  • Then select Connect, connection should then occur.
  • Pico (battery), Ultra Portable and Portable Pro are terms used to differentiate between the different ranges of portable projectors on the market.
  • Pico Range is ideal to present content to 1 -12 people and all come with an inbuilt battery
  • Ultra Portable is ideal to present content to 1- 25 people
  • Portable Pro range can present to large 1 - 100+
  • Take a look at the videos on the product pages (at the bottom of the description of most products) and you can see how good the quality is of each product in terms of brightness, connectivity, usability, storage etc. As a rough guide the more you pay the brighter the projector is and the higher quality the lumens are and the larger the projector is however they are nearly all designed to be ultra portable.

    Remember there is always a trade off between size and image quality/brightness so the smallest projectors such as the pico range go up to around 50 lumens of brightness and are ultra light and portable whilst the Ultra Portable range goes to about 1000 lumens and the portable pro range goes to 3000 lumens which is more than bright enough for almost any indoor situation and brighter than many traditional bulb ie non LED projectors.

    In terms of the number of people we would recommend presenting to with each type of projector we would suggest as a very rough guide (although these numbers can increase depending if video or text is being shown):-

  • Pico Range is ideal to present content to 1 -12 people and all come with an inbuilt battery
  • Ultra Portable is ideal to present content to 1- 25 people
  • Portable Pro range can present to large 1 - 100+
  • For more info see our buyers guide
  • Before we can issue a VAT refund for an order dispatched to a BFPO address which is within the EU, UK VAT legislation requires us to obtain a "certificate of entitlement" confirming that the items have been dispatched to, and received by, a qualifying body or person as set out in paragraph 14.2 of HM Revenue and Customs Notice 725 dated December 2009. Personal Projector Ltd will accept a copy of the order receipt which is dispatched with the item(s), signed and stamped by the head or acting head of the embassy, high commission, consulate, visiting force contingent or international organisation, with evidence of the official status of the signatory.

    For goods which are dispatched to BFPO customers in Cyprus or Germany Personal Projector Ltd requires a certificate from the person placing the order, uniquely identifying the supply for which relief is claimed, and claiming entitlement as follows:

  • For British forces in Cyprus - under Article 14(1)(g) of EC Council Directive 77/388/EEC, or
  • For a visiting force in Germany - under Article 15(10) of EC Council Directive 77/388/EEC.

    Personal Projector Ltd requires this certificate in accordance with Section 14 of HM Revenue and Customs Notice 725 dated December 2009. If this certificate isn't supplied, Personal Projector Ltd cannot make a refund. Please send the stamped receipt or certificate, quoting all the qualifying order numbers for which VAT has not been refunded to us at: or ask for our postal address

    1. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network or 3G/4G Access Point.
        Open the "eHomeMediaCenter" App on the Pico Genie M550 and click "Media Player"
          On your Laptop/Mac, right click an image/video you would like to stream to the projector select "Play to" and then "eHomeCinemaCenter".
            The content should now be displayed through the projector. To display a different file, simply repeat step 3.

            For full screen mirroring from your Laptop/MacBook, please see our blog here and take a look at the mirroring dongle.

            This does not apply to the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0

    Most of our protable projectors with inbuilt battery will last for up to 2 hours. However the latest Pico Genie M550 inbuilt battery can last up to 3 hours.
    Consumers, businesses or travellers wishing to watch photos, videos, or presentations on a big screen. Or anyone wanting to enlarge the small screen on a mobile device such as a laptop, iPad/iPod/iPhone, smart phone, games console (Wii, PS4, Xbox One, PC etc), PDA or other electronic device. Great for sharing with friends, colleagues, clients…

    Powerpoint presentations can be projected from the onboard memory of a pico projector by saving as .jpg (though some models support .ppt such as Pico Genie M550 or Vivitek Qumi Q6). However we’ve been looking into other approaches in order to get the best results for business users other than the standard methods such as via AV, VGA or USB. Read on to find out more...

    One method is by creating a video of your powerpoint files using free software called EM Free Powerpoint Video Converter which is readily available online. This software makes it quick and easy to convert even for multiple files at once from not only ppt to jpg, bmp etc but also to video formats!

    Once converted, just save the video, e.g as a WMV or AVI, to the projector’s memory. You can then use the ppt video, simply pausing to stop/start the slides/video. Its also worth making your font sizes bigger and using a bolder black text to improve it even further.

    Alternatively you can even:

  • Connect to a smartphone wired/wirelessly and mirror your smartphones display to the projector OR
  • Use the HDMI cable and a small notebook laptop for ultra portability to play ppt direct from the laptop

    The Screencast software is a good and very quick file conversion solution.

    Other software customers have also used Handbrake software as an alternative although this is not something we have tested ourselves.

  • For mirroring via a cable you will always need a Digital AV adapter and a HDMI cable or Apple TV! Depending on the model and type of device you have, there are currently 2 cable (wired) options available:
  • The 30 pin Digital AV adapter, for older Apple devices.
  • The Lighting Digital AV adapter, for newer Apple devices.


  • Connect the iPhone to the projector using one of the above cables.
  • Turn on the projector and select HDMI from the menu unless already mirroring.
  • Your iPhone/iPad/iPod display should now be mirrored through the projector

  • Simply connect using a standard HDMI cable. More info available from Microsoft, here. Please note that a Component HD AV Cable is not compatible. The HDMI makes connection even easier, with Playstation 3/4 you may need to change the settings in the menu or use a specific boot up sequence to change from VGA / composite to HDMI output, for more information we recommend looking at the Playstation guide on connecting via HDMI before you attempt connection.
    Our pico projectors are very popular with artists. These are the models we would suggest:
  • Pico Genie Periscope Plus 2.0
  • Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0
  • No lamps – LED light source means there are no bulbs to replace so you save a fortune on bulb replacements which can be up to £400 every year

    Continual Optimum Resolution – lamp projectors can often experience deterioration in colour, brightness from day 1 whereas LED projectors ensure even several thousand hours usage you’re still getting crisp bright images

    No Maintenance – there are no maintenance costs on LED projectors and no dust filters to replace

    Greener product – there is no mercury inside LED projectors which means these products are easier to dispose of and are much more environmentally friendly

    Instant on/off – no hanging around for the bulb to warm up or cool down and no risk of damaging the “bulb“ when turning off too quickly so ideal if travelling

    Extra Features – even entry level LED projectors generally have a huge array of features not usually available on lamp projectors such as:

  • Battery powered so you can use anywhere
  • Use as a stand alone device: with onboard memory there is no need to connect to any other device, just project straight from the projectors own memory, USB or SD card
  • Ultra portability: ultra light weight and portable with most pico projectors being the size and weight of a mobile/cell phone
  • Connect to smartphones, DVD players, tablets, Sky Boxes, TV’s, games consoles or laptops etc
  • Use the latest connection with HDMI
  • No cables or wires: use wifi, Bluetooth, screen mirroring Find out more about image quality of LED projectors here
  • If you want to mirror eactly what you see on your device's screen, for example; you're projecting a piece of software to an audience in order to explain its uses, then there are a couple of requirements to be fulfilled.

    For mirroring via a cable you will always need a Digital AV adapter and a HDMI cable or Apple TV/equivalent dongle! Depending on the model and type of device you have, there are currently 2 cable (wired) options available:

  • The 30 pin Digital AV adapter, for older Apple devices.
  • The Lighting Digital AV adapter, for newer Apple devices.
  • Apple have restricted mirroring from devices below the iPad2 & iPhone 4, so if you have an iPod touch/iPad 1, you will be unable to mirror the screen. However, there are many ways around this, you can use conversion software (like some that is suggested on this website, we like zamzars) to create alternative file formats for demonstration.
  • When choosing an LED portable projector, one of the most important factors to consider is image quality. Often this is judged on brightness (lumens) alone, but it is crucial that other related specification details are evaluated too. For example, we assess contrast ratio, resolution, DLP capability, lens type, design/build and independent reviews – all in addition to the projector’s luminosity. For example, the Pico Genie P100 appears similar to some other projectors yet the image quality it provides is far superior due to excellent build quality and features such as DLP.

    Based on matrixes of information for each of our products, we have ranked our current products according to the image quality - see the link below. This allows you to conveniently compare the image quality of our portable projectors. Please note that the following ranking reflects image quality alone and does not reflect other features such as size and connectivity.

    You will need the following to get a 3D image from your Vivitek Qumi projector:
  • PC with a quad buffered graphics card
  • 3D media player
  • “Active” shutter 3D glasses with DLP Link™
  • 3D content/software”

    The above information plus DLP setup information is available at:

  • Also, if you take a look at the Qumi Q2 manual (which is almost the same as the Qumi Q2 Lite) it has some brief information on pages 32-34 about setting up 3D
  • The official DLP page is quite helpful once you’ve looked at the information above
  • There is also a link on there that explains what you need to view 3D content with a DLP Link projector and suggests some products
  • The Qumi Q3 has a Google Play Store app so you can browse the android app store. The Q3 is only compatible with android version 4.2 and so does not have access to the full google play range of apps.

    You can find out the import duties and taxes at the checkout when you reach shipping, from here you can choose whether to pay the duties & tax up front or when it is imported.

    for more information regarding taxes and duties please follow this link:

    Another way to check is using the following link, this site can work out an estimate of what the import duties and taxes will be:
    Please note: this is a 3rd party website and we do not take responsibility if the information provided from the site is incorrect.

    Make sure WiFi settings under Configure set to Auto Assign IP not Manually Assign

    Also try:

  • Ensure you are using the correct dongle for your device, i.e. The black Vivitek Qumi Q5 dongle with Vivitek Qumi Q5 projector or the white Vivitek Qumi Q2 dongle with the Vivitek Qumi Q2 projector. The dongles are not universal and will only work wit the model they are intended to work with.
  • Test the connection with a laptop, this is the easiest way to make sure the connection between the laptop and projector via the dongle is working
  • Then test the connection with a smarpthone / portable device.
  • Have you removed the plastic packaging strip covering the front of the lens? Pull the strip off and it will allow the projector to work and focus normally. You can also turn the auto focus off and use manual focus in the settings menu. Please refer to the manual for this.
    Although there is no official lumen rating for the Philips Screeneo short-throw LED projector, we estimate that the actual rating is around 600/700 lumens of brightness. However as it is a short-throw projector and is placed closer to the wall its effective brightness is equivalent to that of a 1,500 / 2,000 lumen projector. These are not official figures and are estimations only.

    Check that you have connected the mains cable to the correct port on the projector and that you have not accidentally connected it to the AV or earphone socket.

    Also try disconnecting the battery and re-inserting it.

    Finally, ensure that you charge it for 3 hours before its first use.

    Using the remote:
  • Turn on the projector until you get to the blue screen.
  • Load up the main menu by pressing the play button for 5 secs
  • Point the remote control to the back of the device and press menu (under the power button).
  • Press OK to select the contrast menu
  • You can scroll through the menus with “up” and “down” and select a menu with OK.
  • Use volume up and down to change the values.
  • For presentations we would not advise using the Pico Play as it is more of a novelty projector than a professional one. Instead, we would recommend the Adapt 305 which has both SD card capability and onboard memory which also provides freedom from the laptop. It is much brighter than the Pico Play (45 lumens as opposed to 8). We advise that for best results the Adapt 305 is used in controlled lighting conditions (e.g lights dimmed, blinds down).
    The Adapt 305 easily connects to your laptop via the VGA cable. The optimum combination/order in which you connect and power on the devices is as follows:
  • Power the projector on (slide switch at side of unit and then press the reset button (bottom left) on main panel). You should see a blue screen on the projector
  • Power on your laptop
  • Plug it into the laptop VGA port first and then plug the VGA cable into the projector (if this doesn’t work try other way around)
  • If your laptop doesn’t auto recognise the projector, use the toggle key (usually this is one of the keyboard function keys eg F7 or F5) to switch between your laptop screen and the projector screen