Taxes are calculated automatically on the site and show inc and ex vat (tax) for the UK.

If you are outside the UK, prices are ex tax (tax free).

If shipping outside the UK, the site will indicate at the checkout if there are any duties or taxes to pay on import so you can have the confidence of knowing there are no further charges to pay.

Shipping to the UK (20% VAT tax included)

If you are located in the UK the site will automatically show both the inclusive and exclusive VAT prices.

  • UK consumers and businesses will always pay the inclusive UK price.
  • UK businesses if VAT registered can reclaim the UK VAT


Shipping outside the UK (tax free)

Since January 1st 2021, post Brexit, all goods sold outside the UK will be sold excluding taxes but local duties and taxes still apply for your country. These are estimated for you at the checkout.

If you are in the UK but shipping outside the UK - then prices will show both inc and ex vat (taxes).

When you enter your delivery address outside the UK then the 20% vat is automatically removed.

If you are outside the UK and shipping outside the UK – all pricing will show excluding any taxes.

At the shipping section of the checkout, you can then decide via the postage shipping options, if you wish to either

  1. pay any applicable taxes or duties at the checkout in advance via UPS or…
  2. pay any applicable taxes or duties on delivery


Example to Ireland

For example, if shipping outside the UK, local taxes such as VAT or customs duties maybe applicable on receipt of the goods.

If in Ireland, all prices will automatically show excluding taxes (no UK VAT applies). When you go through the cart / checkout, the 20% UK taxes are auto removed based on your location so you can then purchase the goods excluding taxes.

At the checkout page you then have the option of paying the local in-country taxes in advance or on delivery as shown in the example below.

Shipment to Dublin Ireland of a Pico Genie Impact 1 portable projector

  • UPS Worldwide Express® at £21.06 (no taxes included, payable on delivery)
  • UPS Worldwide Express® - Taxes & Duties included at £94.23


Which tax option should I choose: Pre-paid or Pay on Delivery?

It may work out cheaper to pay on delivery however it may slow your delivery down.

  1. Pre-Paid Taxes - Choose this if you want to pay taxes and all other import charges now. It will be estimated for you at the checkout 
  2. Pay on Delivery - The courier will contact you prior to delivery if any taxes are due to be paid and you can pay them directly. 

You should always confirm what the import tax and duties will be before placing your order these charges will normally be accepted by the courier used to deliver your goods and passed on to you at the point of delivery. Please note, if you do not select to pay include taxes and duties as part of the shipment, then  it is your responsibility to pay import tax and duties charges.

This charge is levied by your government not by Personal Projector and we have no control over it. If you or someone acting on your behalf rejects the goods at the point of delivery then Personal Projector Limited may charge you for any associated delivery and administration charges. 

Please note if you have a business account with the courier that is delivering (we use a multitude of couriers but mainly UPS and DHL) the courier may automatically clear goods for you via your account to speed up clearance.

DISCLAIMER: Any 3rd party sources used for estimating import duties and taxes are for information purposes only. We recommend that you seek confirmation before placing an order. We are not liable for any discrepancies between the price provided from above and your own calculation and cannot be held responsible for any resulting assumptions, costs or figures.