LED & Laser


  • No lamps: LED or Laser  light source means there are no bulbs to replace so you save a fortune on replacement bulbs which can cost over £400 per year
  • Continual Optimum Resolution: Lamp projectors can often experience deterioration in colour, brightness from day 1 whereas LED and Laser projectors ensure even several thousand hours (20,000-30,000) usage you’re still getting crisp bright images.
  • No Maintenance:  there are no maintenance costs on LED and laser projectors and no dust filters to replace
  • Greener product: There is no mercury inside LED projectors which means these products are easier to dispose of and are much more environmentally friendly
  • Instant on/off: No hanging around for the bulb to warm up or cool down and no risk of damaging the ‘bulb’ when turning off too quickly so they’re ideal for travel.
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