Short / Ultra Short Throw

Short Throw projectors are great for projecting large images in tight spaces. If you don't have the space to position a projector 3-4 meters from the projection surface a short throw projector is your solution. Capable of projecting an 60 inch image from just 5 inches away. Please contact us if you have a specific space/requirement you need to project in, we can recommend the most suitable projector for you.
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£533.00 inc vat £620.83
£444.17 ex vat
£444.17 ex tax

Lumens: 800 ansi, 135% BT. 709 Colour, Powerful Speakers

4K Support, HMDI Arc, Ultra Quiet, Android & IOS

£8,999.00 inc vat
£7,499.17 ex vat
£7,499.17 ex tax

Rotating lens, V/H lens shift

Laser, 5000 lms, Compact

£21,960.00 inc vat
£18,300.00 ex vat
£18,300.00 ex tax
£21,600.00 inc vat
£18,000.00 ex vat
£18,000.00 ex tax