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To start with we would recommend reading our comprehensive guide on how to choose a projector, the article consists of five main points to think about before making your purchase and is a great introduction into the world of projection. Click the link below to get started.

How To Choose A Projector Guide


What are you using your projector for?

Our range of projectors can be used to project onto any surface (almost), so think about the many ways you might be using yours. You could be sharing your holiday photos with the family, watching a movie with friends, or impressing the boss with a slide show presentation.

For example: if you are a business user, the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0 can display office documents in their original format. The Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0 also has wireless built in so you can share your smartphone/tablet to your audience without the needs for multiple cables.

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Want to use your smart devices wirelessly with your projector? 

See our ultimate wireless guide here, it should answer all of your questions

What are you going to be using your projector with?

Our projectors can connect to laptops, Sky Boxes, DVD players, TV’s, games consoles and iPhones, or pretty much anything with a Video out function. Some have Micro SD/ SD Card slots, USB slots and onboard memory.

Where are you going to be using your projector?

In a board room, in your lounge with the lights turned down, in a class room… the environment and the amount of people you will be projecting to are important factors in choosing a projector.

We recommend you use your projector in the darkest environment possible, but we know that isn’t always possible. All of our projectors can be used in normal room conditions (but not direct sunlight). For brighter rooms you will simply need to opt for a projector with a greater number of lumens. Lumens reflect the brightness of the projector, the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the projector.

What is the difference between Pico (battery), Ultra Portable and Portable Pro Projectors?

Pico (battery), Ultra Portable and Portable Pro are terms used to differentiate between the different ranges of portable projectors on the market.

  • - Pico Range is ideal to present content to 1 -12 people and all come with an inbuilt battery
  • - Ultra Portable is ideal to present content to 1- 25 people
  • - Portable Pro range can present to large 1 - 100+ 
If you can’t find what you’re looking for in those ranges, or you’re looking for something a bit different, check out the ‘Other projectors range which also includes lamp based projectors.

For more information of brightness and to find out what lumens are check out the article below;

What are Lumens, ANSI Lumens and Marketing Lumens?

Which features are most important to you?

We want you to get the best projector for your needs, so why buy one that isn't?

If it just has to have that one feature – tell us, we’ll guide you to the right product.

Who should buy one? 

-       Consumers, businesses or travellers wishing to watch photos, videos, or presentations on a big screen.

-       Anyone wanting to enlarge the small screen on a mobile device such as a laptop, iPad/ iPod/ iPhone, mobile phone, games console (Wii, PS4, Xbox etc), PDA or other electronic device.

-       Great for sharing with friends, colleagues, clients…

-       Gamers- play your favourite game at 200" rather than 32"

-       Education environments where it would be better to share information for people to access easily.

-       Exhibition Planners- save re-printing new graphics for each exhibition and invest in a portable projector and wow your visitors!

What are the benefits of LED? ; Why choose LED Projectors?

No lamps: LED light source means there are no bulbs to replace so you save a fortune on replacement bulbs which can cost over £400 per year

Continual Optimum Resolution: Lamp projectors can often experience deterioration in colour, brightness from day 1 whereas LED projectors ensure even several thousand hours usage you’re still getting crisp bright images.

No Maintenance:  there are no maintenance costs on LED projectors and no dust filters to replace

Greener product: There is no mercury inside LED projectors which means these products are easier to dispose of and are much more environmentally friendly

Instant on/off: No hanging around for the bulb to warm up or cool down and no risk of damaging the ‘bulb’ when turning off too quickly so they’re ideal for travel.

Extra Features – even entry level LED projectors generally have a huge array of features not usually available on lamp projectors such as:

  • - Battery powered so you can use anywhere - The Pico Genie M550 Plus is the worlds brightest Pico Projector with inbuilt battery that lasts up to 3 hour battery life at full brightness
  • - Use as a stand alone device: with onboard memory there is no need to connect to any other device, just project straight from the projectors own memory, USB or SD card
  • - Ultra portability: ultra light weight and portable with most pico projectors being the size and weight of a mobile/cell phone
  • - Connect to Smartphones, DVDs, TV’s, games consoles, Sky Boxes, Tablets, laptops, GoPro's
  • - Use the latest connection with HDMI
  • - No cables or wires: use WiFi (Pico Genie M550 Plus), internal memroy or even a hard drive / memory stick to play content

Find out more about image quality of LED projectors here

If you have any other questions about products or us, check out our FAQ